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My name is Robert Len Stallard, a.k.a. "RLSguitar" and I’m a self-taught, progressive guitarist-songwriter and independent recording artist. I’ve been playing guitar and writing music for more than 30 years. I play a bit of keyboards too, mostly virtual instruments (MIDI). On occasion, I may sing but be warned, my vocals are terrible! Therefore, most of my music is instrumental. However, I’m thinking of adding lyrics to some of my melodies and possibly teaming up with vocalists and other musicians. If you would be interested in a music collaboration, please contact me.

Hi, I’m Robert!
Here I am in the RLSguitar Cave, my project studio.

I consider my music to be a fusion of different styles and genres with my major influences being from classic and new progressive rock (and Led Zeppelin, of course —my nickname in high school was ”Jimmy Page“). I like to call it ”alpha music“ since I seek to stimulate your alpha brainwaves, transporting you to a dreamy, meditative state. It is music for soothing the mind, relaxing the body and nurturing the spirit while contemplating God and Creation.

My guitar playing technique is mostly fingerstyle frequently using altered tunings. Though sometimes you may catch me using a plectrum (pick) and playing in standard tuning. I also use advanced techniques in my guitar playing, such as various harmonics, two-hand tapping and a few of my own derivations, among others.

Though my music expresses Christian (Catholic) values, I would never force my beliefs upon others. Ultimately, I just wish to deliver my music to those who want to listen and pray it touches them in some positive way.

Peace and blessings to you!

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My Music

Here is a demo video playlist of me performing a few of my tunes:

[ More RLSguitar YouTube Videos ]

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Support My Efforts

Due to chronic health challenges, I am unable to perform my regular job activities and am semi-disabled. Since the doctors can’t figure out the cause of my disability and notwithstanding mutiple serious health issues (chronic heart disease, COPD, dizziness, vertigo, migraines, macular degeneration, chronic back pain, sciatica, recent cancer removal surgery, etc.), I’ve been denied disability benefits. As my health permits, I will be dedicated from now on to composing, producing and sharing my music, which is one of the few activities I still can do, but only if I take it extremely easy. I hope to start releasing my new music sometime late 2019 or in 2020. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to make a living at music, even more so with my health limitations. Therefore, I’m very grateful for purchases of my demos and donations.

Listen to and pay what you want for a digital download of my demo music at:

Please help me with my medical and other expenses:

Hope to see you soon!

Thanks for visiting, please come back soon!

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